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September 10th, 2011

X-Men: First Class Blu-ray issues on PS3, Magneto to blame?

X-Men First Class Blu-ray Playstation 3 Issue PS3 Playback Xmen

Reports are coming in that the Blu-ray version of X-Men: First Class is having issues when being played on the Playstation 3. Some are saying the movie frequently pauses, while others say the movie won’t play at all. It is uncertain at this time whether the issue is with the disc itself or with the Playstation 3.

Personally this happened to me last night when trying to watch the movie on my Playstation 3. The audio would play fine over my home theater, but the video would frequently lag and pause behind it. Please post below if you are having similar problems or happen to find a solution. Hopefully we’ll hear an official statement soon.

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  1. Brandon

    Mine does the same thing. I get the video pausing with the audio still continuing.

  2. Cesar Benitez

    Same thing is happening to me. Plays on my friends Sony Bluray player but not on my PS3.

  3. Zachary

    ditto. Returned it, thinking it was the disc, but it happened again w/ the 2nd disc i bought.

    • Ashley

      Me too!!! I just bought Water for Elephants and am now on the 3rd try and still it skips. Have you found a way around it?

  4. Patrick Belanger

    My disc doesn’t even play! Gonna try and return it, see if I can get my money back!

  5. Will

    SAme here, I thought it was the new tv I had just bought.. Is anything going to be done about this?

  6. babak owen

    so heres the final verdict, playstation 3 is not compatible with this movie, they are currently working with the manufacturer to create a system update that should be out within the next day or two…it is possible that it will take up to a week to get it so if anyone is deciding whether to get the movie or not pleaseee do nottt until they find out the issue and can resolve it with the system update that is required to play it on ps3

    • Thank you so much for the update, hopefully we’ll have some good news soon.

    • Eric Torres

      You need to disable the internet & clear your data folder & it should work fine. Then shut it down & turn it back on without the disk in it. It will work fine after that.

      • Caleb J

        No, that does not work. That’s what the folks at Fox Home Video are saying, but it is not a solution that produces any results.

      • Robert Waggoner

        Actually it worked perfectly for me. Delete your cache files, don’t even bother to reset the system. Just play the movie. Thanks Eric. It works great!!

      • Becc

        doesn’t work. Movie loads at last, but video lags while audio goes on. System update, reboot, update, delete old data, disable internet, reboot, still lags.
        Any other suggestions???

      • randy

        Mine plays but I notice colors pops and other issues. The scene where Xavier is drinking from yard glass. It appears there is a soft or fog filter on the screen which then pops off about 20 seconds later.

  7. babak owen

    noo problems i hope so too , i had a good 10 people over last night to watch the movie, brand new plasma soundsystem couch and everything, put the disk in ..and nothing lol

    • Kevin T. Kelley

      I finally got the time to watch it and it just has all 0000s. It won’t play on my LG. My Magnavox works. 🙁 Gonna give to my mom and dad.

  8. James

    I was having the same problem last night, first it wouldn’t play, then I tweaked some stuff and got it to play but skip a lot, and then I finally got it to work beautifully. Below are the steps on what I did.

    1. Turn off the internet connection.

    2. Erase all files in the BD Temp folder

    3. Erase the X-Men First Class file under the data tree

    4. Restart your PS3 with no disc in

    5. Put in the movie and be happy that it actually works and looks vunderbar

  9. scott

    sweet, worked. thanks, james.

  10. Jeffery Jones

    I bought two different disk from two different walmarts and neither worked.

  11. add me to the list…i thought it was just my first copy so i exchanged it and still get the skip effect. i also tried it on my samsung laptop and it says i need to download an update to play it…but of course the update will not install for some reason.

  12. Dominique`

    Mine lags as well… has it been reported to sony yet???

  13. kyhillbilly

    My Pioneer 320 is having issues with this disc as well. Thought it was the disc, returned it and the second one does the same thing. It will play about 30 minutes and then the pictures starts to break up and sometimes the disc freezes. I use analog outputs (5.1) and component (1080i). I don’t have a network at home so I don’t have any folders to empty. Pioneer said since I don’t have the player connected to the internet it doesn’t load any files that would cause a problem. I have no folders to empty. I don’t know.

  14. Matt

    Yup, issues here to on ps3. Not cool, for a big release like this.

  15. Dennis

    I am having the same pausing problem with the bluray version of this movie on my PS3. I exchanged the disc today and have the same problem. I’ve never had this problem before.

  16. Big Daddy

    Wow – same thing for me – thanks James, much appreciated! My (now old, non-slim) PS3 wouldn’t play it, yet I took it upstairs to the regular Sony blu-ray player that hasn’t been updated in over a year, and it worked fine. Updated the software on the PS3 but no luck. Did everything said here, and success – at least, it is now starting to play. I’ll see if it plays properly, but at least it will start now. Gotta get the family down to watch now, as they’ve waited patiently for 2 hrs while I tried to figure this out.

    Thanks again, James!

  17. When I place X-Men: First Class into my PS3, the video pauses while the sound continues. This happens the entire way through the movie and is VERY annoying. What’s worse is when I go to play it on my Alienware I’ll need to purchase a $50.00 upgrade for it to work on Cyberlink’s Power DVD (I am currently running Version 8).

  18. Storm

    my PS3 doest play it at all, (latest update). My roommates does ( both fat originals) but mine is current, his is a couple updates behind.

  19. Jean-Francois

    Same thing here. I did not return the disc yet.

  20. Jacob

    I have a Denon DBP-1611UD universal bluray player and the picture flickers here and there and every 20-30 min the picture will freeze and lock up the player.

  21. Matt H

    I emailed Sony and they talked to me like they hadn’t herd about this yet. They told me to check for scratches and then to try it in another PS3. None of this worked and now they want me to send in my PS3 for repair. Screw this if everybody is having this problem.

  22. James Mullaney

    Mine does the same thing. This is a big release how could they screw this up. Everything other movie works fine. This cost 22.99 at best buy. No refund just exchanges this sucks.

  23. logan


  24. Sharp

    I get the video pausing with the audio still continuing. Bought anther movie samething. I put the movie in my other ps3 that does not have the 3.7 update and it works just fine. the 3.7 update is what is messing it up

  25. jose acevedo

    yeah xmen bluray is messed up or something. was looking to see if people had similar problems on friday but found nothing on it. thought i had a messed up disk or something.

  26. mel m

    have bought 2 blue ray discs and they will not play at all. I do not even get audio

  27. JEFF B

    Okay I’m on the same boat and almost got totally upset with my son coz in the beginning he said he saw a pocket blu question for wi-fi which he selected yes to it which I thought was causing all this pausing, but it really has nothing to do with it. The pausing was really annoying and I called Target and initially I told them that I want a replacement, but when I found this forum it wasn’t just the disk at all. I will try what that guy JAMES posted to see if it will fix the problem. Thanks for providing a solution though – Sony ought to thank you for that. Are you sure you are not one of their employees? 🙂

  28. JEFF B

    Okay it works. Bottom line is MAKE SURE the Internet Connection is Disabled. To do this, Go to your NETWORK Connection on your PS3 and Disable it. Enabling it back just give you back all the “pausing” in the video.

  29. Big Daddy

    Seriously, just try the steps that James described. I’d be very reluctant to send mine in for repairs without trying everything else first, and there are a few of us on here that got complete success with the steps described above.

  30. Strifex

    This is weird. Mine worked just fine. Got it from target.

  31. Justin

    And yes, thanks James, just did your list and now its working good. Sounds like sony needs to update there console again.

  32. Floyd

    I have a Sony Bluray surround sound system and not a PS3. The disc will not play at all on this. I will try the remedy for the PS3 and see if that works. I also have an HP laptop on which the disc will not play.

    I can’t understand why marvel would put out a product that is so faulty. Of course, a company that wants to turn Spiderman half black and half hispanic after all these years must ahve something wrong with the leadership.

  33. Davy

    The same thing happens with my Blu Ray. Frequent pausing. I hope it doesn’t happen with the Thor Blu Ray this week.

  34. Ben

    Yes, I bought it twice (thinking the first time it was the disc) and the second does it too. My only blu ray player is a PS3, so looking forward to an update for this movie (it’s crazy that it’ll come to that, but as long as it’ll work).
    Thanks James for the tips to make it play for now!

  35. HJ

    Hey,My X-Men FIrst Class disk plays fine on my Sony 3D Blu Ray based on spot tests of various scenes.I haven’t watched it the whole way through though.But I can’t play it at all on my BD drive on my computer.It’s a LG Blu Ray drive.Uses Cyberlinks Power DVD 8.When I load the disk.I get this message.


    Your Blu-Ray player requires an update in order to play this disk.The manufacturer of your Blu-Ray player recommends that you go to this website and follow the manufacturers instructions to update your blu-ray player.

    So I did what it said and it did an update except the update was for my HP DVD drive that came with my computer and not my LG Blu Ray drive I bought and had installed last September.It updated my DVD drive.My BD drive still gives the same above message.I went back to the link and it says there is no update now(again,the update that was there was apparantly for the DVD drive which it did).

    So I’m very fustrated.On top of that,two other new Blu Ray releases,I can’t get to play in my BD drive either.Priest and the last disk on the new Scream 4 disk set that came out this past week as well as X-Men:First Class..The first 3 disk play fine in my BD drive but those disk are ported over from the single disk releases from the Spring(the new box set includes those and a new fourth disk with two documentries).On Priest and the Scream disk I get a message box that pops up when the BD drive loads that says it needs an update and to hit okay on the box to do it.When I do,it says update complete but the disks still won’t load.And that update box keeps popping up everytime I try to load the disks or hit play in the cyberlink screen.I do what it says over and over and it says update complete each time but still won’t load.

    The brand new 4th disk with the two documentries won’t play.Both Priest and the 4th disk of the Scream set play on my Blu Ray player on the TV though like X-Men;First Class.

    So I’m at a loss.I’m not good with tech and feel completly helpless on why I can’t get these three new releases to work on my BD drive.On X-Men,I just get a screen saying I need to update and follow the link on the screen with no firmware update at the link(the one update which i did was for my DVD drive,now there’s nothing there).On Priest and the fourth Scream disk I get a box that is asking me to hit okay to do the update,which I do and it says update complete but it still won’t play those disks and keeps asking me to do the update after I already did it(now muitiple times).I’ve tried restarting my computer after the updates.Nothing.So I have no idea what do do on these three.But it makes me nervous now about every new release.I’m afraid I’ll put it in my BD drive and the disks won’t work.And some new releases have worked.Both Paul and Your Highness which also came out in the last few weeks,I had no problem with them in my BD drive.They were both released by Universal.X-Men is Fox.Priest is Sony I think and Scream is Lions Gate.So maybe Universal releases or other studios like Warner Bros. will still play on my BD drive.This is just fustrating as hell especially since I can’t find a firmware update for X-Men First Class and the other two won’t works still even after I did the update the box was asking for.

  36. Tim Raynor

    I have the same issue. Returned the first disc, but now the second one is doing the same thing, even worse.

  37. Floyd

    It worked on the Sony home theater system also!!!!! Thanks a bunch for the info on how to repair this problem.

  38. terry

    mine start it at chapter 8 and losses video while the sounds keeps playing . i have return 3 copys and they all did the same thing on my ps3

  39. M

    My ps3 does the same thing described above: audio works but the video pauses frequently

  40. Kelsey

    Can anyone explain (or point me in the direction of a site that can explain) how to go about doing steps 2 and 3?


    2. Erase all files in the BD Temp folder

    3. Erase the X-Men First Class file under the data tree

  41. Kenny D

    I’m having the exact problem as the others as well Great Audio But video lags Please Help!!!!!!!!!

  42. 1080pete

    Nice work! What a relief, thank you!

  43. VictorZombie

    Mine wont play at all

  44. Brett

    I have a similar issue, I have tried 2 different copies of the blu-ray version of the film on my ps3 slim and the movie has these little skips frequently. Fortunately the blu-ray came with a digital copy so I can use that, but still. Hopefully Sony will come up with a patch or something to solve this issue.

  45. Brett

    I checked a second website about this issue and I found a solution that fixes the problem, however it is slightly inconvenient. Anyway if you disconnect the internet from the ps3 then that makes the movie work fine.

  46. Erin

    As of today my local walmart has pulled all the X-Men FC blu-ray discs due to the issues.

  47. Rob Nankin

    This movie will also not play on my Samsung BD-C6500 blu-ray player. I called Samsung and they hope to have a firmware update out within a month and they also told me they are not sure if the update will fix the problem.

    • Jessel Bruce

      I had the same problem with my Samsung BD-C6500. You need to turn off (Prohibit) BD-LIVE Internet Connection and delete BD Data Management files. (user manual ver 2.0):
      Prohibit BD-LIVE Internet Connection under Settings – Network (see page 42).
      Then delete the BD Data Management files under Settings – System (see page 37).

      Note: If you turn BD-LIVE Internet Connection back on it may cause video frame freezing. Turn it back off and delete the BD Data Management files

      I contacted Samsung on 9/14/2011 with James’s Sony to Samsung workaround. Samsung told me that it has to do with type of Java scripts being used of these lasted Blu Ray disk.

      • Jessel Bruce

        Last sentence correction:

        I contacted Samsung on 9/14/2011 with James’s Sony to Samsung workaround. Samsung told me that the latest Blu Ray disc is using a new form of Java script that is causing the problems on the Blu Ray players.

  48. Santo

    Jaes comments got it to start. We will go from there

  49. Heinz

    I am also having the same issues. I exchanged it today at Best Buy with another copy and it keeps doing the same.

  50. hubb

    Mine is doing the exact same thing!

  51. Jennifer

    Just tried to watch it, my PS3 or my Sony BD player will not play it at all.

  52. Kevin

    Yes, mine is doing the same thing. I thought there was something wrong with the disc, so I ejected iit and used a safe cloth to clean bottom. Still had issue.

  53. rus

    same problem… blu-ray wont play at all.

  54. rus

    oh and i have tried two different copies.

  55. dan

    I have to video lag. Audio works fine but the picture pauses at random intervals.

  56. Ron Huffstutter

    Same thing I returned the first copy I bought and the second does the same.

  57. theMage

    I have a newer Sony Blu ray player (9 months old), that just goes to a black screeen when I try to play it. It has the latest firmware.

    I deleted the BD Memory, restarted the player without the disk, then put the disk in. It looks like it’s working now.

    Now if I could just get a fix for my wife saying “the movie’s too damn loud”

  58. John

    I have had this problem as well, however, I have the SAME problem with the movie Green Zone. It still does this when played after several updates on the ps3. I would love to know the cause of this since this is the second bluray which is practically unwatchable on the ps3.

    Movie will play, video will ‘freeze’ and not accept remote commands until the video is live again. Audio proceeds normally without issue.

  59. Mark

    Here is the answer to playing X-Men: First Class in your Sony Blu Ray 3D Home Theater System. 1. Make sure the X-Men: First Class DVD is not in your player. 2. Go to Video and scroll up to the top and under BD Data, erase all BD data. 3. Get out of Video and go to BD DVD view setting. 4. go to BD internet connections and choose Do not allow. 5. Put in your new X-Men: First Class blu ray DVD and it will play without problems.

  60. paul

    The movie does not even play on my PS3 at all, very frustrated…

  61. Eric

    The same thing is happening for me as well. My ps3 plays audio track fine but drop video constantly. I return one copy of the movie for another figuring it was the disc, unfortunately it is the fact its on the ps3. I hope something will be done to patch the system soon because I would really like to watch and enjoy my movie.

  62. Robert

    my video freezes and audio plays fine pisses me off went after work at 6 am to get it after waitin so long and then it does that

  63. joker99

    james…you know $&iT very well…thnx man.. w/ out you id prob waste money buying a B-ray player…a toast to JAMES everyone…deuces

  64. Cris

    Mine won’t play at ask on ps3… Exchanged it thinking it would help, no such luck.

  65. Juan

    The movie played fine on the PS3 but got a message saying to update blu ray. I tried playing it on my laptop, nothing but a blank screen after i saw it say “loading disc”. I believe someone is not doing their job right on blu ray software/disc coding.

  66. Dan

    I just bought it today and it won’t play at all. At first it flashed a screen that said something about “If you have issues with this blu ray disc…” and then I didn’t have time to read the rest. Screen went black and now it won’t do anything at all with that disc. Other discs still work (Games/DVDs/Blu Rays) so i’d have to say the issue is with the disc… I didn’t spend $30 for a DVD so this is going to be a problem for the retailer.

  67. Lucius

    Same problem here. I’ve gone to the store twice to return the DVD. Magneto is trying to hide the some of the deleted scenes.

  68. MyLud

    I was experiencing the same problem…and for some reason I reached over and turned off the wireless controller. The problem immediately went away.

    No idea why this was, but it’s a pretty low-tech fix. Curious to see if it worked for anyone else.

  69. Tj

    My PS3 is doing the something. 2nd copy. My copy came from Wal-mart

  70. enerjon777

    This happens on my PS3 as well with the Blu-ray disc. The visuals will lag and then return to play, then repeat, but the audio doesn’t seem to be affected. I am very angry about this, I was looking forward to enjoying this tonight in Full HD, I’ll have to watch it on DVD. WTF!?

  71. Evan

    I bought X Men: First class Blu Ray and when I put it in my ps3 the screen remained black so I tried another Blu Ray and it worked fine so I figured it was something wrong with the X Men movie so I returned it for a new one this evening and when I put the new one in it did the exact same thing so whatever is wrong with it not playing it’s the movie not my system!

  72. Nathan Rodriguez

    It’s not the PS3!!! I even went as far as replacing the ps3 because it happened two both Rio and Xmen. Seems likes a fox movie thing. I replaced my PS3 thinking it was the player for it was out of warranty and nope. still skipped!. Called the number on the Box for Xmen and they said turn off the BD internect Connect under video setting and delete the BD disk utility and it worked! Should have called them before I traded in my PS3

  73. Alex

    Mine is pausing video on the PS3 while the audio keeps playing.

  74. Cat

    thank you james!!!

  75. Brian

    Mine is pausing frequently on the PS3 also.

  76. melissa

    Same thing is happening to mine. But it plays perfectly on my brothers

  77. Justin

    i too am having this same issue. i watched it once, sound was good, video lagged about every minute or two. every time i put it in since it wont even start playing. hopefully there’s a fix out soon cuz i bought mine at best buy and those jerks don’t take defective media back because it’s been opened.

  78. mike

    You can also disable your internet on the ps3 main menu and it would work fine then as well. I tried the whole thing described above but it didnt work all that well for me. If you dont care about the internet linked parts this works perfectly and is a little bit less tedious.

  79. martin scirica

    I had frame freezing problems with the first bluray I bought, exchanged it for a new one @ blockbuster. The second had the same issue of a few second freezes while play ting in the very beginning. Finally I googled to find a ny problems with format compatibility with ps3, and sure enoughthere were many people having the same issue. I printed out several pages with complaints and comments from others and brought it back to show store manager. It was what is needed to get an exchange of a different movie. The regular dvd version I’m hearing plays fine.

  80. Chris Smith

    Yes I am having the same problems, bought the movie on Blu-ray when it was out and finally tried to watch the movie a cople of days ago, and audio plays fine with a lag, or some say skipping. So I took it back and got a new one, same problems!

  81. Jeremy

    I replaced my Bluray twice at Bestbuy with the same problem of the movie freezing every 30 seconds to a minute while the audio could still play with no problem. I found this blog and tried what James suggested. The most important step in his description is to turn off (disable) your internet connection under network settings. When you have restarted the PS3 keep off the internet connection or you will have the same problems as before. I don’t know if deleting the temp folder or data tree is necessary so just try the network connection first. If you have the same problems do all the steps. Good Luck!

  82. Mike

    Disabled the Internet on the PS3 and now works fine. Thanks for the tip.

  83. Hunter W

    I did everything everyone suggested from deleting the BD files to turning off the internet to the Blu Ray disc. Same crap happened. This is my second copy of the movie. The movie has been out for close to a month and no fix?! This is crap. I’m going to have to try and get my money back.

  84. justin

    mine lags too took back since transformers 3 plays no problem got new disc still same issue ps3 tried changeing settings to no avail . this to me seems like a coding and loading issue but i think it lands on paramounts not sony

  85. David Reilly

    X-Men won’t play at all on my PS3

  86. James

    Mine won’t play at all. It has to be the disk because I have played movies on my ps3 before and after and they all play fine. I even bought another copy of first class so now I’m a proud owner of two copies of the same movie that I can’t watch.

  87. Kel

    I am getting this too on my japanese slim PS3 and i thought the PS3 would be playing up but then i put in star wars and that played fine so it must be the disc.

    one work around is to disable internet and by that i think it means disabling BD live and seeing how that fairs.

  88. JP

    So I tried the fix. Deleted all the BD data, disabled my PS3 internet connection, and then checked CONFIRM instead of ALLOW for BD internet connection since there was no disable option. Now I get an invalid disk error, so the fix doesn’t work for everyone.

    I’m using a PS3, all updates in place. For the record, I’m getting this error on all the Xmen disks in the original trilogy and for First Class. Now what?

  89. Kel

    I think the cause is the disc’s BD-Live code (like the slim PS3s) rather than an actual manufacturing glitch or a bad encode that’s causing this because I was able to make a back up copy of it that pretty much stripped the online component code away from the disc and it played fine in my slim PS3 fine with internet connection enabled.

    so it’s not a bad encode of the movie, it’s not your PS3, it’s the disc’s online code that is causing this fault though fox needs to fix it!

  90. Martin

    Anyone know if Sony is working on a fix? I too tried the fix and it didn’t work. I’ve got an original fat PS3. It’s old but has always worked with no problems before.

    • Kel

      have you disabled the internet connection in network settings because that is what you need to disable…not bd-live.

  91. Martin

    Yes I did try. When I do that I get a disk not playable error.

  92. Catherine Kobialka

    I am having the exact same problem

  93. jose

    I’ve experienced the same issue with this blue ray dvd on my ps3 (freezing, skipping, etc). Thinking it was the dvd, I returned it and got another. The 2nd one did the same! Returned it again and dag nabbit! Still happpened. Only positive side is the 3rd return, Target reduced its price to 19.99 and I got 10.00 back! I will try the reset/clear suggestion made by James as I’m reading it is working. I’ll report back to let you all know if it worked for me. Wish me luck!

  94. Becc

    I followed the advice I found online about loading issues with X Men First Class not loading on my PS3 and now it loads fine. But like mentioned above, the audio works great and the video lags. This is my third copy so I can’t imagine it is an issue with the manufactoring. Unless Marvel has decided to ignore ALL quality assurances, I have to assume this is a Play Station problem, especially since the movie works great on my Sony Blue Ray Player. From what I’ve read the issue has been going on since the release date. How long does it take to fix a system that is completely connected by a network?

  95. Charlie

    Bought the movie day it came out. Worked fine on my PS3 .. lent it to a friend .. Video lagged on his. Laaame.. Mine is the new slim PS3 .. His is the older model. Is that the problem?

  96. Vicious

    Yes I’m NoT alone…! I thought I was the only 1. Same problems PS3 stuttering video, audio works fine. I’m on 4th copy now & still same symptoms..

  97. Aj díaz

    I had the same problem

  98. Moacyr

    Olá!tive o mesmo problema,meu PS3 nao conseguiu reproduzir o filme X – Men,nem mesmo o menu do flime ele conseguiu mostrar…

  99. Woodrow

    My copy was stalling in the top menu and movie itself. The sound was still going but the picture would freeze and then jump to the point of where the sound was. Not happy.

  100. davirusse

    When playing the blu-ray, region B, on my slim PS3, the video pauses, but audio continues. Tested disc on my pioneer blu-ray player and it plays fine. But it does take about 3 mins to load menu when first played! Very unusual, normally a minute and a half to load start up menu tops. Was going to return it and get new copy, but now I see it’s probably a software, or hardware fault with the PS3!

    • davirusse

      Found a solution that worked for me. Under settings in your ps3 menu, go to “Internet”, then “disable” Internet. Should play without freezing. You can also try deleting the “BD Data utility files” under the movie icon. And also change the “BD/DVD audio output format (HDMI)” to “bitstream”. But after experimenting for a bit the only thing that recreated the freezing video for me was having the Internet enabled!

  101. Barrows

    I’ve had big issues with Warner Brothers as a whole. They produce the videos for the TV show Chuck and Seasons 3 and 4 do not play on my PS3 well. If I’m lucky, they play, but it’s a crapshoot. They play fine, however, on my mother-in-laws’ blu ray player.

  102. Jamil Q.

    I have a Sony 3D Blu Ray player. It will not even play on my player. Exchanged for another Blu ray thinking it was just one defective disc. The second one didn’t work either. I went back and exchanged it for the standard version.

  103. Nicholas F.

    I got a PS3 and X-Men for my birthday and what a let down. The movie would not play at all and I was left only with a blank screen.

  104. ByronFer

    HHHEEELLLPPP!!!!! Guys I have Kung Fu Panda 1 and right after 5 seconds of playing it freezes, every time i skip a chapter it plays for about 5 secs and freezes again… what can i do about it??

  105. Kevin

    Water for Elephants is having the same problem. I am going to test and report back.

  106. Jennifer

    We have tried three different dvds for X-Men with no luck. I called the 1-800 number and they told me to update my PS3 but that didn’t work either. So far this is the only movie that hasn’t worked on my PS3.

    • Christian

      Hey, that happened to me 2 days ago, and I thought that it might be the X-men movie, but yesterday I played “Back to the future” blu-ray and after an hour or so, that error code with the legend “Invalid Disc” appeared again, and I’ve watched that movie hundreds of times without any problem on my PS3. This is a problem with the blu-ray reader or with the movies?…

  107. Finally got it playing.
    1. disconnect from internet
    2. delete Blu Ray disk utility
    3. restart
    4 insert disc

  108. RANDAL

    XMEN 1st Class won’t play on my Sony Blu-Ray player…took it back, got another, same issue

  109. Isaac

    I looked into the problem and fixed it what you do it under video delete the BR Utilitys then turn off ps3 and unplug then replug and turn on go start the movie and choose no for internet connection and it should work!

  110. I was unable to play a bunch of newer blu rays. I followed the steps above and was still unable to play the blu ray. However this is how I got it to work.

    1. Make sure disk is out of PS3
    2. Turn on ps3
    3. deleted the bd data utility under video
    4. setting > video setting> bd internet connection change for allow to confirm.

    worked for me hope it works for you.

  111. Here is how to fix the problem… disconnect the PS3 from the net then remove the BD Disk then delete the temp file by doing the following
    2.BD Data Utility
    3. Browse to the X-Men title
    4. Press the triangle on the remote for more options and chose delete and yes
    Now put the X-Men BD back into the PS3 and enjoy
    (MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT CONNECT TO THE INTERNET, or it will not work, stay disconnected while watching the movie)

  112. Chuck Reyes

    Is there something to do? I ‘m not getting anything. My other blue ray works

  113. emily

    Almost every blu ray disk that I get does the video pause while the audioo continues bit. It’s annouting an irritating beyond belief. I will try to disable the internet for bdlive & hope that works…

  114. peter

    It works if you disable the Internet connection. Just disabled the Internet and mine works fine now. This happens for several movies and works when done for all of them.

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