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October 16th, 2011

Velodyne Sounds Mighty Fine

Velodyne Digital Subwoofer For Home Theater

If you truly want to be a Home Theater star, something to make the friends and neighbors jealous, you’re going to need to invest in a good subwoofer. Subwoofers serve a much bigger purpose than knocking items off your selves and helping you get an occasional door visit from some local authorities (happened to me twice). They are there to fill out all of your lower frequencies and what a gleefully difference it makes. Subwoofers put back the scariness in bullet shots, that eerie feeling in ambiance, the kick in a drum, the mayhem in Michael Bay movies. They do more than just add the BOOM, there is a lot of subtlety that would be missed without having one.

Velodyne is a company that focuses entirely on building subwoofers and it shows. They are one of the most highly recommended brands in the field and what sets them apart are their digital subwoofers. Having a DSP in a subwoofer makes surprising difference. Your bass is going to be clearer, have a lower distortion, and is going to be highly accurate. These are the subwoofers you are going to want to invest in. Yes, there are a lot of good subwoofers out there made by a variety of companies, but I recommend starting with this brand; especially for the price. The EQ MAX is a great line to start at and even includes a mic for Auto-EQ.

Buying a subwoofer is actually pretty easy, generally a simple play test is all you need. It’s nice knowing there isn’t a whole lot to listen for, unlike selecting a center or tower speaker. Again the thing to look out for the most is speaker size, sound is a mechanical wave after all. I recommend sticking around a 12″, it can reach lower levels that an 8″ or 6″ can’t and it is more responsive than a 15″ or larger. It is also worth noting that I have heard certain 8″ Velodyne’s blow away high end 12″ subs from other companies.

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