October 16th, 2011

Review: Samsung S24A300B LED Monitor Triumphs

Samsung S24A300B Monitor Review DVI

I think I’m in love. …and I think I’m in trouble if this is what love feels like. I cannot give enough praise to the 24″ LED monitor from Samsung. I am not going to bore you on all the details, but just know that the picture is big, bright, crisp, and incredibly color accurate (more so than some alleged 100% sRGB monitors I have worked with in the past). It also has great even lighting, which was a major issue of the PX2370. The price point is what makes it though. Clocking in around $200 this is a steal and a better monitor than most of the ones that go for a couple hundred more. A major added plus, it is also one of the few Samsung monitors that still has a DVI port, which I highly suggest you stick with over HDMI for PC use. Since I care about you guys, I’ve included the settings that I use below for optimal picture quality.

Brightness: 100
Samsung Magic Bright: Custom
Samsung Magic Color: Full
Gamma: Mode1
Image Size: Auto
PC/AV Mode: PC (duh!)

To have less of a headache when you turn your monitor on set Auto Source to Manual.

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  1. Ryan

    I am in love with this monitor. Bought it an hour ago and couldn’t be happier. Amazing…and once I figure out how to hook my PS3 to it…I will be golden.

    • Glad you like it! In order to hook your PS3 up to the monitor you need to purchase a HDMI to DVI cable. This cable will not carry sound, so you may also need to use an optical cable or just the regular AV cables that came with it. If you have it setup properly and still do not hear any sound then go to your PS3 audio options and make sure it is set dual audio output. If you are primarily going to use this for your PS3, Samsung makes a similar version with an hdmi input. The trade-off is that you loose the DVI input which is superior for computer connections. Hope this Helps!

      • taha

        Is it possible to just plug my PS3 using an HDMI cable? Just strait HDMI out(from ps3) to HDMI in(monitor) because I have it set up but when I switch inputs it doesn’t seem to do anything other then go black and say HDMI on the top left, then it goes back.

        • This specific monitor does not have HDMI. It has a DVI and a normal VGA input. So in this case you would need an HDMI to DVI cable to hook from the back of the PS3 into this Monitor. Hope this helps.

          You may also need to go into the settings of the monitor to make sure you are on the correct input.

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